Understanding the need for a ministry such as COMIX35 can be a challenge in countries such as the USA where the biggest selling comic book title moves only around a million copies a year.

It is much more obvious in places such as:

JAPAN, where the top title Shonen Jump sells over 3 million copies every single week and a staggering 2.1 billion comics total are sold every year…

KOREA, where 7,000 new comic book titles appear every year and 25 million volumes are published…

THAILAND, where the top 2 comics, Kai Hua Roh and Mahasanook, together sell over 8 million copies a month…

MEXICO, where the most well-known and successful comic, El Libro Vaquero, has a circulation of 3.2 million copies monthly…

FRANCE, where graphic novel albums featuring the popular cartoon character Astrix le Gaulois have sold approximately 200 million volumes…

The MIDDLE EAST and NORTHERN AFRICA, where the successful pan-Arab comic strip magazine Majid has a certified weekly circulation of 150,000 to 175,000 copies and is sold in almost every Arab state.


In fact, this visual medium is the worlds most widely-read form of popular literature!

Comics are excellent communication tools. People around the world already read them. They adapt to fit specific people groups. Comics are a natural for bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to children and adults across the globe!

That’s where COMIX35 comes in. Our primary mission is to help ministries and individuals produce effective Christian comics as part of an evangelism strategy and/or discipleship program for their own people.

Since 1996 we have been leading the initiative to spread this powerful but little-used ministry tool worldwide through our  COMIX35 Seminars .

COMIX35 seminars are aimed at Christian communicators who want training in the specifics of creating and using Christian comics for evangelism and discipleship in their country.

For more information, please visit the  COMIX35 Seminars  page.

The success of our  COMIX35 Seminars  also positioned us to initiate and facilitate  “special focus” publishing projects  to help Christian creators more directly with the publication of their own projects. This is in keeping with the original philosophy of COMIX35 to encourage and enable Christians within a culture to create their own Christian comics without extra influence from outside their culture.


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