COMIX35 and Nate Butler Endorsements

Toshikazu Iwaoka is the CEO of New Life Ministries in Saitama, Japan, and head of the Japanese team which developed the MANGA MESSIAH series of graphic novels.

Bobby McGee is the Founder & Director of ChristSong Prison Ministry.

Sergio Cariello grew up in Brazil, attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts and the Word of Life Bible Institute, and later worked for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. He is the illustrator of the internationally best-selling graphic novel THE ACTION BIBLE.

Roald Lidal is Board Chairman of NEXTManga and former General Director of New Life Ministries, Japan. He was a Board member and is now an International Advisory Council member of COMIX35.

A collection of testimonials from ministry friends, associates, partners, and students in the USA, Ivory Coast, Quebec, Eastern Europe, and Japan, with additional “Thank you’s” from France, Norway, and Bulgaria.

Presentations by Nate Butler

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